The difference between Interior designing and Interior styling

The difference between these two terms can be misleading.

An interior designer arranges the space but an interior stylist is not qualified to design. The designer primarily evaluates technical solutions within the structure and must adhere to the codes and regulatory requirements.
Interior designers are responsible for planning the layout and its function by defining the purpose of the space. Along with that, interior designers will use materials that will enhance the whole concept of the room. That includes planning security measures and the functionality of the home. The duty is to take all segments of the internal structure, not just to conclude how the space will be arranged.

An interior designer should have a comprehensive knowledge of materials, colors, computer programs, furniture design, history, architecture, and much more. It is desirable that the interior designer has highly specialized training or specific education, while the same is not required for an interior stylist, who is “obliged” to have a gift for creating interior aesthetics.

Styling or decorating a space belongs to a related field like art, while there is no set scheme for the same. The main importance is in the details, such as the distance between each piece of furniture, matching and combining colors, textures, balance, and rhythm in the space.
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