Reflection of feelings in Interior

The interior should have personality and must tell you a story. Whether it is a living or business space.

Remind yourself of a special evening with a dear friends or think about a place which you love to visit so much. Think about public places, such as famous restaurants, bars or luxury hotels, Why they are so visited and loved? Is it all due to well-designed Menus, skilled bartenders or the services of a luxury hotel? Will the client fully appreciate your service, a well-prepared meal, an excellent bottle of wine or a comfortable pillow if the space is not adequately designed?

In order to feel comfortable in the space, it is necessary to examine the current emotions of the space. Ask yourself, what you feel when you enter the space? What kind of signals are you getting? What are the colors, textures, lighting and objects in the space?

A very important factor that creates pleasant memories is the atmosphere of the space. If you had a memorable evening and experienced an excellent atmosphere, the space you stayed in will be directly imprinted in your memories and you will want to return there.

So, have you figured out what is one of the ingredients for a magical ambiance? YES, clients will be attracted by an excellent Interior design.

Interior design has the power to enhance your experiences in space. The job of an interior designer requires a deep knowledge of human behavior: physical, psychological and cultural.
The interior reflects a positive or negative emotional feeling in people.
Using the psychology of interior design, with a small modifications, such as colors, furniture arrangement and fabrics used, it will be done a significant positive difference.

These facts make it possible to consciously manipulate the elements with the aim of encouraging creativity, peace and happiness in the space. Interior designers thoughtfully use the power of color to subtly influence how you feel in a space.

Finally, stay true to your desires for certain feelings and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Barbara Knez Sabljo

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