About us

"When starting designing, the most important thing is to have a formula. The formula contains two important points: The first is functionality and practicality and the second is inspiration and aesthetics."


Barbara Knez Interiors is a studio specializing in interior design and interior styling based in Dubrovnik, Croatia. A collaborative team of professionals gives a special focus to residential and commercial properties across the country.

Internal divisions and zoning of space have the task of indicating a sense of harmony, proportions and efficiency. Experts take a deeper look at human engagement, personalized interactions and solutions. That is exactly what Barbara Knez Interiors studio offers with a special focus – customing interior around your lifestyle.

Professional design is a combination of a quality product, excellently designed function and the best aesthetics.
It is up to the client to express his vision, while it is up to us to create the conceptual project. At the beginning of project planning, you will receive expert answers and advice for creating the best solution for your space.

"The result of the project is a place where you do more than simply exist, where you can create and enjoy lasting memories."


Barbara Knez Sabljo is an interior designer and stylist who founded an interior design and styling studio called “Barbara Knez Interiors”. In addition to an accredited international diploma from the United Arab Emirates, Barbara does not stop improving and expanding her knowledge and research. She often attends professional masterclasses by world-renowned award-winning designers.
Barbara believes in improving the quality of life due to the proper creation of the internal environment.

She states that each client, investor and interior is a request for itself and each requires an individual approach and treatment. The project process itself is much simpler, when clients and investors trust the process, appreciate the work, ideas and respect the designer’s profession.

''Every day I keep creating an international contact network with numerous experts, designers, manufacturers, and suppliers, which ensures for me, to continuously be within the trend and provide the clients and investors the best solutions.''